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Do Stefflon Don as well as Burna Boy taking subliminal shots at one another?

“Hurtin Me” rapper shared a video on Twitter “Hurtin Me” rapper shared an Tik Tok video that reads with the caption “When he’s a MAN and not a mummy’s boy.” Stefflon performed her version of the challenge track “Meiway” by Ivory Coast. The challenge is about saying that you are thankful for something.

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According to the Jasmine Brand points out Burna Boy apparently responded via Instagram and posted, “Move On,” in his posts. Stefflon later Tweeted,

The two of them have not mentioned each other’s name. They’ve also been launching subliminal insults since the break-up of 2021. The fans believe that Burna Boy’s 2022 single “Last Last” is about the Don. Stefflon appeared to be trying to make a statement back, but her YouTube link was turned down as a result of Universal Music Group. Stefflon was also on the internet and advised the people on her site to “mind their business.”

Social media users have weighed in on Stefflon’s Tok:

“Burna Boy released a world-wide hit and is making a huge profit from his suffering. Instead of sending small shots, you can create a book, write an album or even an entire album that reflects your experiences and make money off it too.”