Styles P Announces He Will Retire As A Solo Artist In 2023: ‘I Think I Gave Y’all Enough’

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Styles P of The LOX is believed to be contemplating his retirement as a solo performer next year. In an update on his Instagram account, Styles shared an image of text declaring his intention to step off as the proprietor of his company, Juices For Life, and then to retire as a solo performer.

“I will be retiring late 2023 as far as my solo career is concerned,” He added. “I will have 2 more projects as a solo artist planned for you and I’m out for good! I’ll be available for everything LOX music, shows , etc.”

In the caption to the post, Styles elaborated, saying that he will prioritize his mental well-being in addition to his health-related company, Farmacy For Life.

“I have noticed I have become less spiritually healthy than I used to be,” the man said. “I think I’ve run myself a bit low in the last few years. Being a hardworking entertainer and health advocate. First of all, I’m not the best in multi-tasking. It’s my passion that keeps me going . And the rest of my responsibilities fall to my parents, friends,, and colleagues. I thought about it more and finally came to the conclusion that I must walk off my solo career in the near future ( I believe I’ve given you all enough ). I’ll just perform LOX sh*t and maybe a one-off feature here and there, in case it is something that moves me.”

In another development, Styles shared that he plans to become an elected member of various organizations, as well as to start new ventures, both of which he’s currently “at liberty” to discuss currently.

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Uproxx Styles P Announces He Will Retire As A Solo Artist In 2023: ‘I Think I Gave Y’all Enough’ Top HipHop

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