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This past week, an early version of Lil Tjay and 6LACK‘s “Calling My Phone” surfaced online. This version featured a verse by SZA, which was ultimately left off of the final version.

Until yesterday (June 9), it was unclear why SZA’s verse didn’t end up on the official release. The “Kill Bill” hitmaker took to Twitter to explain the she actually didn’t turn in her verse.

“I’m mad y’all leaked it .. but glad y’all liked it,” she said. “I punked out of turning it in … happens a lot actually. I be feeling like I can’t add anything to songs that are already fire. Respect to @liltjay + @6LACK.”

Fans responded to SZA, urging her to let go of her nerves and to have more confidence in her craft. Though, SZA indicated that adding to a song of that caliber makes for a lot of pressure.

“It’s more a respect thing to the artist,” she said. “I literally only wanna give the best of me especially if the song is already popular. If I can’t magnify it I fall back.”

6LACK caught wind of the leak, however, he jokingly suggested that he couldn’t listen to it.

“ngl i listened with my hands over my ears cz it felt like a sin,” he said. “sound like butter tho.”

SZA then sent a message of reassurance to 6LACK and Tjay, letting them know, “y’all ATE.”

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Uproxx SZA Admitted That She ‘Punked Out’ Of Sending In Her ‘Calling My Phone’ Verse To Lil Tjay And 6LACK Top HipHop