SZA Rents Out A Theater For Fans To See ‘The Woman King’ In New Jersey

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The Woman King is set to be among the most talked about film of this year and also one of the ones that is most critically appreciated. One of the major fans are SZA she took to Twitter today to announce that she had rented an cinema located in New Jersey.

“PLEASE GO SEEE ITTTT !,” she tweeted in an tweet.

SZA herself will not be in the theater as she will be appearing in the Global Citizen Festival in Ghana. However, no which location she’s in she’s always trying to contribute back to New Jersey. This year, she joined forces together with TAZO along with American Forests to plant trees in areas that are impacted by racism in the environment.

“My grandma lives in Newark, N.J., and there are no trees anywhere,” SZA stated when she spoke to Elle earlier this year. “Growing up around that area was definitely a downer.”

Viola Davis first spoke about the Woman King earlier this year, in the interview on Oprah The Woman King premiered on Netflix in April/April.

“Looking at all these young women who are a part of this story, I’m telling you, I see the future in a lot of these young girls,” she added. “The confidence they have, the work ethic they have, it made me feel so proud just looking at how they showed up every day for work, how they understood the assignment.”

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Uproxx SZA Rents Out A Theater For Fans To See ‘The Woman King’ In New Jersey Top HipHop

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