SZA Says She And Rodney Jerkins Made ‘Seven Records In One Day’ For Her New Album

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Fans have been waiting for information — or even information about SZA’s upcoming album for a while , however, the singer has kept her distance from details about the album. She’s made announcements that haven’t been able to be followed and there’s been issued singles but they didn’t translate into a complete album, and in the launch of a brand new cover feature in Complex she has even said that she’s not going to talk about her forthcoming album. However, that doesn’t mean she won’t discuss it. In the end, if it’s one thing SZA enjoys doing is to contradict herself, it’s doing it.

For instance, one of the things she divulges is that she’s worked with R&B superstar Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins — that fans of her had already heard about because of her long-anticipated song ” Shirt” -and the two turned out to be extremely prolific. She explains that her desire to collaborate with Jerkins stemmed from his already legendary list of works with turn-of-the-millennium icons like Amerie and Brandy and boasts that they completed a week’s worth of work in just one day.

“That was always my dream,” she explained. “To collaborate with him, based on his collaboration alongside Brandy as well as Amerie. We recorded seven records in a single night.” Jerkins praised SZA’s writing skills, stating “Her pen writing is one of the most effective pen games available currently. It’s almost as if she’s a rapper wrapped as a vocalist… She doesn’t have any fear when she writes. She’ll write whatever she’s thinking of saying and that’s exactly what she’s doing. To me, that’s the”X factor.”

However, the only thing that the video doesn’t mention is the date for release of the long-awaited album by SZA. We’ll be waiting for the album to arrive.

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Uproxx SZA Says She And Rodney Jerkins Made ‘Seven Records In One Day’ For Her New Album Top HipHop

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