SZA might’ve punked out from submitting guest verses in the past. But she isn’t shy about securing memorable star-studded cameos on her projects. The “Low” singer’s past videos have featured guest appearances by Drew Barrymore and more. However, there was one actress that she couldn’t snag. According to Vivica A. Fox, her on-screen spotlight in SZA’s “Kill Bill” video might have been intended for Uma Thurman.

During an interview with AV Club, Fox recounted working with the songwriter. “When I got it, I was surprised, to be honest with you. Cause they called…[It] took them five days to finally decide that they were going to hire me, ’cause I think they wanted Uma Thurman,” said Fox.

The actress added, “But when you think about it, it’s a little bit more fitting for SZA and Vivica to be together because we’re both African American women, and when it came out, people just ran with it. They were like, ‘They’re going to make Kill Bill 3, finally.’ Because people have been waiting for Kill Bill 3 for such a long time and see my daughter get revenge on Uma.”

Fox holds no bad blood over the matter, saying that SZA’s delayed response due to her supposedly trying to secure Thurman was “Cool,” she remarked, saying, “I mean, it is her franchise, as well as mine.”

Contrarily, when outlining the inspiration behind the video, SZA made it clear that Fox’s appearance was always the goal. “I love Vivica A. Fox’s character. I love Lucy Liu’s character. I even love Bill because he’s super complex. I feel like he doesn’t understand why he did what he did. He’s void of emotion, but he loved The Bride so much that he couldn’t stand her to be with anyone else,” SZA told EW.