Tasha K Asks Courts to Stop Cardi B From Wage Garnishment

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The the rapper Cardi B began garnishment proceedings against gossip Vlogger Tasha K. Tasha K moved to Africa and boasted about avoiding the $4 million judgment that was awarded the rapper Cardi B after winning her lawsuit against defamation.

Right now, Tasha has been trying for a while to persuade an official to put an end to the proceedings.

Based on court papers that were obtained from RadarOnline.com, Tasha K has submitted documents in Georgia in which she asks the judge to prevent Cardi from collecting the judgement until she has her appeal heard.

But, Cardi has a different opinion, claiming Tasha needs to post the bond amounting to $3.8 million to halt from being executed. The blogger is seeking to persuade the judge agree with her.


The decision is still pending.


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