On Sunday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs dominated the Chicago Bears, leading with a score of 34-0 by halftime. However, the game was overshadowed by the speculated romance between pop star Taylor Swift and Chiefs’ player Travis Kelce. Swift attended the game in a luxury box with Kelce’s mother, fueling the rumors further.

Despite not being a significant part of the Chiefs’ offensive strategy in the first half, Kelce made his mark in the third quarter. The Bears lost track of him in the end zone, allowing the Chiefs to increase their lead to 41-0. Swift, who was in attendance, was visibly excited, celebrating Kelce’s touchdown catch with a chest bump and enthusiastic cheering.

The production team continued their recent trend of incorporating Swift references into Kelce’s touchdowns. Following a new Chiefs franchise record set by Kelce and Patrick Mahomes for touchdown combinations, a graphic titled “The Story Of Us” was displayed.

Despite having to witness the Bears’ struggling offense, Swift seemed to have a great time at the Chiefs game. She had the opportunity to watch Kansas City’s offense perform exceptionally well and see Kelce excel in the red zone.

Source: uproxx.com