Tech N9ne Doesn’t Want The Smoke With Fake Eminem

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Tech N9ne isn’t a typical rapper to decline an opportunity to rap however it appears that he’s not keen on the smoke of Eminem or, well, an impersonator of Eminem at the very least.

In a clip that was released the following the 26th of September (September 26), Canadian comedian DTG is well-known by his Slim Shady parodies, once is back in the role of the Detroit rapper wearing his signature zipper jacket. He is also wearing a white t-shirt as well as a baseball cap and gold chain outfit.

In contrast to his usual self-titled spoofs, fake Em encounters a handful of acquaintances this time including Strange Music boss Tech N9ne who continues to rip up the singer who was previously called the Lil Windex.

“Yo! What’s the matter? Em is it you Do you know what’s up?” Tech says as Tech welcomes DTG with the dap. Tech continues to ask: “Damn, it’s been for a while. What have you been doing?”

Instead of responding to Tech’s query, Fake Eminem chooses war. “You trying to rap right now?” He says. A Kansas City rapper replies: “Hey man, I been doing enough of that already.”

The rapper isn’t taking the message to heart, DTG launches into a track that also features an attack on Tech N9ne. ” Red hoodie and red shoes/ If I ever get married, my best dude, guess who, yes you,” DTG raps as Tech runs off.

The fake Eminem goes on to say: “‘ Alarm is set for the morning. I wake up, I press SnoozeRight tight, left loose Hey, Tech, where’d you go?‘ C’mon. Fuck!”

After realizing Tech had escaped the scene, tattooist Ryan “Newz” Scarpino and Strange Music rapper King Iso are seen entering the frame and make “Eminem” up, after which he chases them and asksthem “Y’all tryna rap?”

Sharing the video by DTG Tech, he captioned the videoas “Running into #Eminem be like.” Within his comments Tech joined in and wrote “Damn EM we suppose ta be BROTHAS!”

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In the meantime, the authentic Slim Shady recently took part in an extensive op-ed in the XXL magazine. In it, Slim Shady discussed his place in the current Hip Hop landscape, saying that he’s always striving to be the most successful rapper in the world today.

“My job in the world of today’s Hip Hop is to always strive to be the most effective rapper. That’s it. This is how I’d like to feel inside,” he said. “That’s the way I’d like to feel. It’s not possible to achieve this until I hear what J. Cole just put out. What did Kendrick just say? And I’m thinking they’re not playing.

“I am not looking to get lost in the shuffle. I’m determined to show everyone who the fuck am I. In my words, “They have the rap skills to be the top rappers. I’ll hear some of their shit, and I’ll think”I’m not the greatest rapper at this point. I’m gonna have to rise, and take a break and get back to my music.”

In the course of the chat, Em opened up about the negative comments he received as a rapper from a minority in the early years in his professional career.

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