Tee Grizzley’s Upcoming ‘Chapters Of The Trenches’ Album Is A Storytelling Masterclass

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Exclusive – Tee Grizzley’s forthcoming album Chapters of the Trenches will be his biggest album so far. The Detroit native is working to become the best version of him in recent times, and this album is a reflection of that process.

It is due out on October 14th, Chapters of the Trenches is the title of a set of 13 tracks that have a distinct story to tell, but are linked by the same theme. These tales are focused on what is happening in the hood, including gun violence, hustling love, family and much more. The Grizzley series takes listeners to the trenches to reveal the stories that a lot of people who live in the hood can be familiar with, but do not necessarily discuss.

To be able for Tee Grizzley to release such a project it was necessary for him to develop in his own. Instead of focusing solely on material riches and the success that the rap world loves and amplifies, Grizzley also realized that he had to incorporate experiences from his life in his music.

“That was such a special time in my life,” the Detroit native says to HipHopDX as he reflects on his breakout 2016 single “First Day Out.” “I was just coming out of prison , to the point that I didn’t care at all about fame and all that I was happy being free.

“So now, at this point, I just really want to capture people and get them something to fall in love with and get them something to go tell people about.”

Tee Grizzley is more eager than usual to let his fans know the new songs he’s created for chapters of Trenches. The process of making the album was distinct from any approach he’s had in his previous projects which alone has the fans ready to dive into his real-life tales.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve really been excited about one of my own projects because it’s been the same for a while, like just go in there and make music, shoot some videos, put it together, call it an album,” the singer declares. “But this album I’m trying something completely different. I’m offering people lots of things with this song.”

In the past four and a half years since the launch of his latest album, Half Tee Half Beast the 28-year old has had a variety of experiences that have allowed him to grow. Grizzley is blessed to have had so much over the last two yearsthe birth of his son, getting married and managing a lucrative video game side hustle and it seemed like there was nothing left for him to do other than giving back.

Being a father and husband is a great deal of responsibility, along with various “real-life shit,” and due to that, Tee Grizzley was able to take his talent beyond just enhancing his pen skills to rapping from a viewpoint distinct from his own.

Tee Grizzley Says Studying Law In Prison Helped Him Beat Robbery Charge

Chapters of the Trenches would not have been released If Tee Grizzley didn’t drop “Robbery Part 3” earlier in the year. The song is part of his adored “Robbery” series, which began in the year 2020. The narrative captivated viewers throughout the two initial installments and he was inspired to push his imagination more.

“The inspiration for this project was the fan engagement on ‘Robbery Part 3’,” Grizzley states. “When I realized how much people were having fun with it, I thought”What’s the matter? They really love the stories and I’m sure I could tell them diverse stories. ‘”

He goes on to say: “The type of shit that takes place in the trenches isn’t just robberies. So this is how I made Chapters from in the Trenches. It’s all the scenarios one could imagine that could happen in that manner. There are a few songs in the album that could occur anyplace, but the majority of these stories take place in the trenches daily.”

The project isn’t just an opportunity for Grizzley to educate his fans about the realities inside the city, it’s an opportunity to help the same people. He says that the songs are relatable and provide relief to those who feel at a loss in the battle.

“It feels good because now you know that you’re offering some type of comfort with this music,” Grizzley declares. “A majority of people who undergo things are convinced that they’re the sole person out there experiencing that, but in reality many of us are going through lots of crap at the same at the same time. Therefore, I’d like people to feel comfortable and know that someone is aware of their needs and situation.”

Fans might need to pay at two of Tee Grizzley’s most cherished records from this project. They are the trilogy story series “Jay & Twan” and “Shakespeare’s Classic.” The one is a wild tale about two friends who are looking for an opportunity to make a comeback, while this is the second one features a contemporary version of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare epic Romeo and Juliet and is one of the rapper’s most-loved stories when he was growing up.

The album was thought-of starting from the title through the individual tracks. According to Grizzley that the title was an intentional choice and could be the beginning of another collection of his catalog. There are a myriad of stories to share.

“I came up with that title because I wanted it to live for a long time, and I wanted to always be able to grow off that,” Grizzley says. “I could write chapters of the Trenches Part One three, two and five, because there’s a lot of small things that happen. Therefore, I thought that this title was a good way to give me the chance to return with the same title but with various stories.”

Tee Grizzley has already released three songs , as well as accompanying music videos as part of the project. “Robbery 4” and “Jay & Twan 1″ have been available for a few weeks, and”Ms. Evans” is a controversial track “Ms. Evans” was released the following Wednesday (September 27,). Grizzley plans to release videos of the record every week, exactly as a new episode of an upcoming TV show will air every week.

The idea is to give the audience the impression that they’re watching the actual experience of a movie or television program. To keep them interested Grizzley explains that you cannot unveil everything in one go as you must allow people to desire more from your product. With Chapters of The Trenches and its unique release, the rapper will be capable of seeing his visions become reality.

“What I wanted to do was get the sensation that you get when a brand new film or series is released and you meet people who you have met ask”Hey, did you see the what? ‘” Grizzley says. “Everybody has been watching the show simultaneously and everybody talks about it. This is what I want to achieve. Similar to the fact that the latest Game of Thrones has just come out or something. Are you feeling me?”

Keep an eye out for the continuation ofHipHopDX’s chat with Tee Grizzley, coming very soon.

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