So far, Rolling Loud Miami 2023 has been full of shocking on-stage moments. On Saturday, July 22, headliner Travis Scott did something relatively low-key: He simply revealed his album Utopia‘s forthcoming release date.

Nearing the end of Scott’s set, the date July 28, 2023, flashed on the screen being him. One person on Twitter commented on the revelation, writing, “I need Utopia bad @trvisXX 🥲.” Scott replied, “Meet me here on Monday. We shall eat sooooonnn,” implying that more information would be shared on June 24.

But that wasn’t the only thing revealed during Scott’s set. He also played the trailer for his upcoming A24 film, Circus Maximus, which will also debut on the same day. So far, details about the movie have been largely kept from the public.

Utopia has been years in the making. On Friday, June 21, Scott dropped the first track from the album, “KPop,” which features Bad Bunny and The Weeknd.

Hidden within the official video for the record were hint that when Scott does hit the road to support that album, it will be on a grand scale, which is to say stadiums only. In addition to the tour, Scott’s team is working to host a special concert outside of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.