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The best hip-hop music for this week includes videos, albums and tracks from Cardi B, Moneybagg Yo, Freddie Gibbs, and more.

On this Friday (September 23rd) it’s officially the season for hoodies and light jackets in the eastern coast. There are plenty of new songs that will provide you with a layer of warmth. It’s been an absolute pleasure to write this column and keeping everyone up to date with the latest trends and what’s coming up. Thank you for tuning in and taking a look at this week’s selection of tracks.

Here’s the top hip-hop music this week, through September 23, 2022.

Lucki — Flawless Like Me


Lucki feels as if he’s in his prime on his new album Flawless Like Me. The album’s 24 tracks are loaded with confidence-inspiring flexes, and also features the likes of Future as well as Babyface Ray to bolster his unwavering attitude.

Cam’ron & A-Trak — U Wasn’t There


Killa! Cam’ron has seen everything in hip-hop and, despite how many times people attempt to appear like they are the rapper is here to remind everybody that you weren’t there. This collaboration together with A-Trak includes nine tracks and includes his Dipset pals Jim Jones and Juelz Santana as well as Conway The Machine and Mr. Vegas.

Dreamdoll — Life In Plastic 3


Dreamdoll acknowledges the fake aspects of reality in her new album “Living In Plastic 3. The album is comprised of eight tracks and features Lunchmoney Lewis as well as French Montana and Capella Grey.

Young Devyn — Baby Goat 2

Young Devyn

Young Devyn is keeping her sights set on the future, but she acknowledges her present status in her new album Baby Goat 2. The album is comprised of eight songs and includes Capella Grey Fivio Foreign and Kenzo B.

Lakeyah — No Pressure (Pt. 2)


Lakeyah is fully aware of how difficult working in the music industry is, but she has remained steadfast throughout the whole thing on her album No Pressure (Pt. 2). The project’s 10 songs feature an ensemble of stars which include Latto Lucky Daye, Flo Milli as well as Icewear Vezzo.

Dess Dior — Raw

Dess Dior

Dess Dior is coming through with her unfiltered tracks on her brand new album Raw. She tackles the eight-song album by herself, and she doesn’t require help for standout tracks like “It B*tch Freestyle” and “Rich And Raw.”

Wifisfuneral — 4MonthBingeBeforeRevenge


Wifisfuneral has retribution on his mind on his latest project 4MonthBingeBeforeRevenge. He tackles the project on his own recording the extremes and lows of the world on tracks such as “Euphoria,” “In Too Deep,” and “Im Mad Lol.”

Young Crazy — Gucci Mane Of VA

Young Crazy

Young Crazy is full of confidence. He even goes so that he likens himself to a legendary trap singer in his latest group Gucci Mane of VA. Crazo is the sole performer on the entire seven-song project by himself with a staggering amount of bars from records such as “Man Down (Freestyle),” “Suburban Kid,” and the album’s opener, “Gucci Mane Of VA..

Kamaiyah — “Comme Des Garcons”

Kamaiyah has been reportedly talking about the possibility of making a fortune on “Comme Des Garcons.” The mid-tempo song exposes some of her sinister actions, as well as her inability to go down as everyone else. “Me and you, we got nathin’ in common.”

Icewear Vezzo — “They Can’t FWM”

Icewear Vezzo believes that he’s in a league of his own and shows it in “They Can’t FWM.” The Detroit rapper refers to his jewellery, TikTok, and Nicki Minaj in this energetic and heavy-drummed track. With his talents this title could be a true statement.

Reason — “Sign Language” Feat. Ice Cold Bishop

Reason and Ice Cold Bishop rap circles around the contest in “Sign Language,” so that it might be difficult for their adversaries to comprehend. Therefore, it might be better having an interpreter to explain the meaning of this high-energy album.

Toosii — “Heartaches”

Toosii has never shied away from difficult feelings and has released one of his darkest songs on “Heartaches.” He’s fallen for a girl and is enthralled by her regardless of what’s been her experience in the past. What she’s experienced and overcome doesn’t cause her to be any more or less worthy than anyone else or him. What a gentleman.

Rico Blu — “Template”

Rico Blu makes music for the soul “Template” is the perfect illustration of that. “I been makin’ these songs with no caution / Even homies had to tell me not to drop ’em / I will never understand the fragile state that some be in / It’s perspective with these messages I scribble with my pen.” Rico Blu also adds the warm, soulful voice samples here to send his message.

OfAllBank$ — “Dad Say”

OfAllBanks$ just released his latest project Slugfest and “Dad Say” is one of the album’s most lucrative tracks. The video features him talking with his father prior to playing him his songs. The track begins when Bank$ talks about how society has caused him and his father to experience anger issues. He then outlines all the things that a Black man must endure in the harsh world. In all of it, Bank$ is committed to achieving his goals and this vintage-sounding track definitely indicates that Bank$ is well on his way.

Allstar JR — “Run Through It”

Allstar JR releases an enjoyable track with “Run Through It.” He talks about the best product on the market and how his clients finish the track quickly. He also references Roddy Ricch records and his ease of getting women.

Jeleel! — “Deliver!”

Jeleel! demonstrated to the world how lively is, performing one of his finest Jeff Hardy impression at a recent performance. “Deliver!” follows suit mixing EDM as well as rock and hip-hop as he raps over Serge Ibaka and having dimes on his face.

Che Noir — “Wash The Dishes” Feat. Benny The Butcher

Che Noir and Benny The Butcher encourage proper household maintenance with “Wash The Dishes.” The rap track that’s downtempo includes soulful vocal samples as well as drug-related bars. It’s the perfect place for both rappers who want to kick off of their raunchy lyrics.

Fabolous — “Bach To Bach” Feat. Dave East

Fabolous Fabolous and Dave East do a less aggressive, more lavish Drake imitation of “Bach To Bach.” Like always, Fab flexes his clever words, while Dave East raps furiously about not giving his rap to anyone other than himself. They have a good back-andforth in the chorus and naturally, they refer to”the “Six God.”

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