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Dreams do come true. Being a renowned rapper as young as 12years old, the Baby Money never stopped and was constantly developing his art in the highly competitive Detroit musical scene. His self-belief and dedication resulted in a steady rise in the course of time. Particularly in 2021 when his fame started to increase with the release of his song “Moncler Bubble” and project Young N***a The Old Soul. Baby Money is a sharp technical rapper with a sharp sense of humor. He is a spitter about earning money while glaring like it’s second nature. His style is similar to Detroit the rap scene’s early days however his ever-changing flow brings his style into the current.

The sounds he created in his hometown of Detroit started to reach beyond the city’s borders, which put him in the spotlight of Atlanta the rap giant QCM. At the same level Baby Money was rising to there were many labels who wanted him to join their roster. However, while they were clear about their goals, QC met him where they were at. This trust-based foundation and Baby Money respecting the label’s reputation of promoting artists made the deal official. Baby Money’s deal with QC was first announced in January of this year and his debut album “Easy Money came out in the month following.

It seemed like the deal was able to propel him up, and the gap between the 2022 initiatives Easy Money and New Money (released in the last week) resulted in a clear increase. The new album Baby Money sounds more comfortable and is fully committed to his journey. In the course all day long, his preteen idea became a reality and he has one of most storied hip-hop labels to his left.

Prior to his most recent release, Baby Money checked in on The Break Live to discuss his new project. Watch the video interview below.

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“Moncler Bubble”

“Thinking Out Loud”

“Get Dangerous”

New Money

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