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The atmosphere is lively, dark, and smoky. They are the adjectives Lancey Foux describes his home town of Newham situated within Plaistow, East London. These adjectives also describe the sound of his. The result is evident in tracks such as “25WAGG3DOU2,” “Don’t Talk” and “India,” which have been able to accumulate millions of streams and boosted their fame from United Kingdom to the United States. Today, the battery that he wears in his back is working at full capacity.

Lancey’s first memory of falling into a love affair with music goes to when as a child. When he was 7 Lancey would travel with his father who was a DJ, to various events. As the years went by, Lancey also discovered grime which is a pulsating form of British rappers that were native to the region where he grew up. With a wider range of tastes, Lancey made his first step towards becoming an artist with his peers when he was 12 years old. At that time, Lancey made his first record but he didn’t begin making music seriously until the age of 16. Lancey’s springy album “Black Flowers” came out in 2017 and launched Lancey into the rap world. The track has been on the air ever since.

Over the times, Lancey put in his 10,000 hours of work and put aside projects such as Friend or Foux (2019), First Degree (2021) and Live. Evil (2021). These efforts in addition to other are first-class entrances to his world of soaring melodies and ethereal beats. Furthermore, with tracks like “Elon Musk,” “What U Want” featuring Skepta and Lil Yachty’s acoustic version of “OUTTAMYMIND!” being housed throughout , the demand for Lancey’s music for young rap fans is growing larger and greater. In the middle of touring with his band, a variety of appearances at festivals, as well as a sought-after feature tour which has led to stunning partnerships together with Tana (“Swaggin With This”) as well as Yeat (“Luv cash”), Lancey has been working on his next album Life In Hell, slated to be released this Halloween (Oct. 30).).

In the lead up to it, Lancey stopped by The Break Live to talk about his rising popularity as well as his work with revered musicians such as Skepta as well as Kanye West, the latest music and more. The interview is available below.

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“Lancey or Lancey”


“Swaggin Like This” with Tana


Live. Evil

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