In the latest episode of “The Chi” season six, significant events unfold for the characters. Kevin is preparing to relocate to Los Angeles to further his video game career, marking a significant milestone in his relationship with Maisha. Rob and Emmett’s attempt to assassinate Douda goes awry, leaving Victor to clean up the aftermath. Papa grapples with his grief, leading him to pursue a pastoral career and end his relationship with Kenya. Jake’s decision to move into Kevin’s old apartment triggers a dispute with Jemma, which is further exacerbated by Britney’s attempt to win Jemma over.

The eighth episode of Showtime’s “The Chi” season six, titled “Who Shot Ya,” is accompanied by a soundtrack that enhances the emotional depth of each scene. The songs and their corresponding scenes are listed below.

BJ The Chicago Kid’s “Comin From Chicago” plays as Kevin reflects on his life in Chicago while riding the train. Quan’s “Big Booty” sets the mood for an intimate scene between Emmett and Keisha. Durand The Rapper’s “Leave Me Alone” accompanies Kevin as he packs for his move to Los Angeles. Penzilla’s “You Or Me” plays during a disagreement between Emmett and Keisha after their intimate moment.

Alonda’s “Ocean Flow” is heard as Kevin, Papa, and Jake take their bikes out for one last ride in Chicago. Rapsvmm’s “Physical” plays during a conversation between Keisha and Nuk and transitions to a scene where Jake informs Jemma about his move. Amari Noelle as Britney’s “Her” plays during Britney’s studio session with Jemma, which ends with a kiss that Jemma breaks off.

Arrow Benjamin & Marley Waters’ “Reign” plays after a heartwarming moment between Keisha and Kevin. BChe’s “Camera Ready” sets the scene for Kevin’s farewell party. Aerin’s “Energy” plays during a meeting between Zay and Rob’s mother. Dot Marv’s “I’m Going In” accompanies a sweet moment between Lynae and Kevin at his farewell party. A. Rich’s “Life Of The Party” plays after Kevin’s emotional speech at his party.

Finally, Vic Mensa’s “$outhside Story” featuring Common & Malik Yusef plays as Kevin leaves his apartment for the last time, ready for his move to Los Angeles.

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