The fourth episode of season six of “The Chi” delves into the mental health of the characters, particularly the men in Victor’s close circle. As a city councilman, Victor has prioritized mental health in his community and begins by checking in on Shaad, Emmett, Darnell, Marcus, Quincy, and Jamal. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Rob are making strides in their marijuana business, and Douda finds himself in a difficult situation due to a recent killing.

This episode, titled “ReUp,” uses music to enhance the emotional impact of each scene. The songs featured in this episode include:

– “Work” by Brandon Christian: This song plays as Emmett, Shaad, and Victor gather at Emmett’s house to celebrate 4/20 with weed-infused wings. Emmett is also anxiously searching for the gun Douda gave him.

– “All I Wanted Was You” by Aerin: This song accompanies scenes of various characters celebrating 4/20.

– “Drip” by Hollywood Koko & Tamira: This song plays during a brunch scene where Fatima and her friends discuss her relationship with Victor.

– “Three1Two” by Genesis Denise Hale aka Maisha: This song is heard as Maisha and Jemma work on a new song in a recording studio.

– “Big Bang” by Nooonnniiieee: This song plays during Papa and Kenya’s date at a bowling alley.

– “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker: This classic tune plays after Papa helps Kenya bowl a strike, leading to a dance and a kiss between the two.

– “Don’t Mind Us” by Breana: This song plays as Tiffany and Keisha enjoy some wine together and discuss their plans and concerns.

– “Tip It Good” by Thor: This song is heard through a video on Jemma’s phone featuring a local rapper wearing Jake’s clothing line.

– “Glass Of Sunshine” by Penzilla: This song plays during an awkward dinner gathering at Darnell and Jada’s house.

– “War Is Not Final Now” by Gavin Williams: This song is heard as Douda and Bianca discuss who could take over after Douda.

– “Down At The Cross (Glory To His Name)” by Crystal: This song plays as Papa’s dad delivers a sermon seemingly directed at Douda.

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