In the latest episode of season six of “The Chi”, a time jump takes us to prom season for the series’ young characters. The episode, titled “One Of Them Nights”, sees Kevin & Maisha, Jake & Jemma, Papa & Kenya, and Bakari & Lynae preparing for prom, each with their own set of concerns and disruptions. Keisha takes control of her life as her frustration grows, while new tensions arise between Emmett and Douda. Victor is questioned by the FBI, Shaad is reluctantly drawn back into his old lifestyle, and Marcus and Tierra face their first major disappointment.

The episode is enriched by a soundtrack that enhances the emotions of each scene. These songs include J Sound’s “Hold On To The Cape”, which plays as Emmett helps Kevin shop for a prom jacket and Kevin reveals his relationship with Maisha and a potential video game opportunity in Los Angeles. Alex Isley’s “Love Again” accompanies Papa’s promposal to Kenya at Smokey’s, while Jade McKenzie’s “Gooddays” plays as Maisha assists Lynae with her pre-prom nail preparations.

Iman Jordan’s “All Over Again” is heard as the characters showcase their prom outfits and take family photos. Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke” Feat. Lil Durk, G Herbo And 21 Savage sets the tone for the prom night festivities. Destin Conrad’s “In The Air” plays during an intimate moment between Quincy and his partner after a gathering at Victor and Fatima’s house. Crown’s “Drill 3” accompanies a tense scene where Bakari and Lynae are pulled over by the police after prom.

Josiah Bell’s “Danger” plays as Lynae leaves the police station and is comforted by Nina, Dre, and Jamal. Travon Potts’ “Hold My Hand” is heard as a tearful Bakari is driven home by Papa’s dad. Finally, Z. Rich’s “Reminiscing” plays as Maisha and Kevin discuss their future in Los Angeles.

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