This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of ‘The Chi’.

In the seventh episode of season six, titled “Long Live,” the focus is on Pastor Jackson’s funeral and the emotional aftermath. Papa and Bakari are particularly affected by Pastor Jackson’s death. Papa initially directs his frustration towards Bakari, knowing that Douda’s crew is behind the murder. However, he calms down by the end of the episode. Bakari also struggles with his emotions throughout the episode.

Meanwhile, Kevin is getting ready to move to Los Angeles, Jemma and Maisha’s relationship becomes strained due to Gianna’s involvement, and Keisha attends therapy where she learns some hard truths about herself and her mother. Additionally, Emmett and Keisha’s relationship is on the brink of collapse following Pastor Jackson’s death.

The seventh episode of Showtime’s ‘The Chi’ season six is accompanied by a soundtrack that enhances the emotional depth of each scene. The records featured in this episode were provided by the Showtime Entertainment Public Relations team. Some records are not yet available for streaming and will be released at a later date.

The song “Foster Kid” by Crown plays as Keisha meets Nuk at a barbershop, where she asks him to ensure her family’s safety. Maisha’s song “B*tch” plays after an argument with Jemma at the studio. “The Energy” by Lalah Hathaway, Kole & Ariza plays as Emmett helps Kevin pack for his move to LA. Gianna’s track “Damn Right” plays as Jemma listens to it while helping Jake with her hair. “AL 2 Final Now” by Gavin Williams plays as Douda plays chess with Zay. “Never Stay Mad” by Alonda plays as Victor returns home to see Fatima’s home decor improvements. Finally, David Michael Wyatt’s version of Donny Hathaway’s “For All We Know” plays during Pastor Jackson’s funeral service.

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