Coolio, best known as a rapper for hits like “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “C U When U Get There,” also had a successful acting career. He lent his voice to the character Kwanzaa-Bot in the popular series Futurama, which aired on Fox, Comedy Central, and Hulu. Before his death at the age of 59 last September, Coolio recorded a final episode as Kwanzaa’s counterpart to Robot Santa and the Chanukah Zombie. This episode, titled “I Know What You Did Next Xmas,” was recently released on Hulu.

In the episode, Kwanzaa-Bot and the Chanukah Zombie attempt to teach children that there is “a holiday for everyone,” but the kids are only interested in X-Mas. Coolio’s character later reappears in a post-credits scene where he raps his “Futurama Xmas list for 3023.”

The lyrics of the song are as follows:

Give me 12 Slurms a-slurping

11 Benders burping

10 episodes dropping

9 Scruffys mopping

8 Leelas drinking

7 Zoidbergs stinking

Chanukah and Kwanzaa, share a single stanza

Time traveling chumps

A 40 ounce of nog

Fry’s dead dog

2 turtle-duckens

And a voice over credit for me

The episode concludes with a heartfelt tribute to Coolio. David X. Cohen, a producer on Futurama, expressed his condolences to Coolio’s family, friends, and fans following his death. He remembered Coolio as one of their favorite guests who was always upbeat. Cohen was shocked by the news of his death as Coolio seemed healthy and vibrant during their last studio session just a few weeks prior. He expressed gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with him.

Futurama is available for streaming on Hulu.