The Memphis Grizzlies Tap Breakout Hometown Star GloRilla To Narrate The Team’s 2022-23 Season Hype Video

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They may be operating in two different sports, but the Memphis Grizzlies just put the Atlanta Falcons to shame in the marketing game. Last month, the Falcons were lambasted for their “Rise Up” season promo video, which featured New Jersey native Rotimi singing an generic, off-brand motivational anthem for some reason. While the attempt was a promising step in the NFL’s ongoing efforts to appeal to younger fans (and, well… you know), it also showed how far the league has to go to catch up to the NBA.

Today, though, the Grizzlies showed just how much more in-touch with the zeitgeist the NBA really is with their own 2022-23 season hype video. Instead of a moderately well-known out-of-towner best recognized for his role in Power, the Grizz tapped hometown rising star GloRilla, whose breakout single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” began and ended the “song of the summer” debate this year, to narrate their “Big Memphis” promo and show how teams can highlight the connection with their respective cities. Glo’s distinctive voice booms out over a thumping trap track, declaring, “This is our city… everything we do here is big!”

After the success of “F.N.F.,” Memphis godfather Yo Gotti signed GloRilla to his label Collective Music Group, releasing a remix of the track featuring JT of City Girls and Latto (and nixing another remix featuring Saweetie). Since then, her breakout year continued this past weekend as Cardi B joined her on the boisterous “Tomorrow 2” and ASAP Rocky brought her out during his short headlining set at Rolling Loud New York.

Whatever else happens with the Memphis Grizzlies this year, they’ve started off their season with a big win, and GloRilla is already proving herself to be the people’s champ of 2022.

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Uproxx The Memphis Grizzlies Tap Breakout Hometown Star GloRilla To Narrate The Team’s 2022-23 Season Hype Video Top HipHop

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