Earlier this week, Las Vegas Police told TMZ they’d served a search warrant at a home in Henderson, Nevada in connection with the long-dormant Tupac Shakur murder case. The past few days have brought more details; it was reported that the home in question was potentially linked to a man who was suspected of being the one to shoot Tupac in 1996. Now, TMZ has acquired footage of the incident at the home, which saw a SWAT team busting into the home at around 10 PM.

It still remains to be seen what evidence police were searching for at the home or whether they found it. The home is owned by Paula Clemons, the wife of Keefe D., a man who claims to be the uncle of Orlando Anderson. Anderson and Keefe were jumped by Tupac and his crew at the MGM Grand the night of September 7, 1996; later, Tupac was shot to death in a drive-by on the Las Vegas Strip. Anderson was posited as the perpetrator as it was thought he wanted revenge for the earlier beatdown.

In 1998, Los Angeles Sheriffs recovered a gun at a home in Compton they believed belonged to one of the Southside Compton Crips who was in Las Vegas at the time; meanwhile, Clemons was found to have owned a home in Compton around the same time. Of course, until the police reveal more, it would be irresponsible to speculate. We’ll see if the investigation leads to answers in the nearly 30-year-old case.

Source: uproxx.com