The current buzz in sports and pop culture is centered around Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his rumored relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift. Kelce has expressed his admiration for Swift, who is arguably the most famous person globally at the moment. Speculations about their relationship intensified when Swift attended a Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears, sat with Kelce’s mother, cheered when he scored, and left the game with him.

Kelce discussed these rumors on his recent podcast episode. However, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, known for his outspoken nature, suggested during his weekly First Take segment that the entire situation might be a publicity stunt.

Russo expressed his skepticism in his usual loud and animated manner, questioning why someone would introduce their girlfriend to their parents so early into a relationship. He also questioned Swift’s sudden interest in the Kansas City Chiefs, insinuating that she might not even know who Lenny Dawson is.

While his co-hosts Stephen A. Smith and Marcus Spears tried to keep their composure, Molly Qerim teased Russo about his reaction to the rumored relationship. She suggested that Kelce and Swift might have found love, to which Russo responded with disbelief, insisting that the pair are merely seeking publicity.

The discussion on First Take was likely filled with other topics, but Russo’s loud commentary on the Kelce-Swift rumors was undoubtedly a highlight.