In a recent interview, The Weeknd said of the mixed response to his HBO show The Idol, “I’m loving it. It’s definitely shaken up the culture for sure [laughs]. We knew we were making something dark and controversial but true to what we want to say.”

Just because he’s loving it, though, doesn’t mean he’s going to take any guff on Twitter without pushing back.

In one tweet from today (June 20), he replied to a Twitter user, writing, “Go cry about it more.” The original tweet is no longer available, but based on the user’s Twitter activity, they appear to be a fan of Jennie and Blackpink. So, presumably, their now-deleted tweet had something to do with Jennie and her role on the show.

In response to The Weeknd, another user tweeted, “N****s crying bout yo acting tho.” The Weeknd then got personal, replying, “Bruh if you don’t shave that sh*t stain off your chin LOL.”

After that, the user from the original now-deleted tweet returned with a screenshot of The Weeknd from the show, which was presumably intended to be unflattering, and wrote, “IK YOURE NOT TALKING WHEN U LOOK HIDEOUS LIKE THIS.” It appears the user changed their profile image between their first and second tweet, as The Weeknd responded, “not you again LOL you thought I wouldn’t recognize you cause you changed your DP… dropping that Jennie song this weekend for you! Get the bucket ready [single tear emoji].”

That last tweet probably stirred mixed feelings from the Twitter user: While they’re in a spat with The Weeknd, it at least looks like a new Jennie song is dropping soon.