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Tia Mowry reveals her decision to declare divorce from Cory Hartrict.

On The Today Show, Tia explains her decision-making process when she decided that it was time to make a change. Tia says “I realized when I began to think about my happiness. It’s like women who tend to be focused on everyone else’s happiness by making sure that everyone else is happy (that’s our kids and friends, as well as our families -however, in the end, it’s all about self-love.”

While their relationship didn’t go as planned, Tia still sees their relationship as a successful one. “It’s not about being in something for regardless of how long you’re in that particular situation is not the same as the success. It’s really about, once again is your happiness? Because life isn’t that long.”

We have previously informed youthat Tia published an open letter on Instagram in regards to her decision to break up with Cory. She wrote “”I am always transparent with my followers this time isn’t exception. I’m happy to announce the fact that Cory me and Cory have made the decision to split up. This is not an easy decision and are not without pain. We will continue to keep in touch while we raise our lovely children. I am thankful for all the wonderful times we shared together. I want to express my gratitude to my family, friends and all my fans for your kindness and love as we begin the next chapter through our daily lives.”

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