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Based on the high-energy trailer alone, Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts is expected to be one of the biggest action movies of the summer. The forthcoming film is angling to merge the franchise’s beloved automotive characters along with a ton of fresh new blood. Apparently the soundtrack is doing the same.

Grammy Award-nominated rapper Tobe Nwigwe, critically acclaimed hip-hop titan Nas, and Jacob Banks join forces on the film’s featured track, “On My Soul.” Produced by Nwigwe’s collective, The Good Stewards, the song skillfully embodies the climactic essence of the movie. With the song’s instrumental ebbs and flows, the musicians put a show lyrically as they playfully try to one-up each other.

Outside of his musical contributions to the film’s soundtrack, Nwigwe will also appear in the movie. During an appearance on Sway In The Morning, he shared how he landed the onscreen role.

“One of [the director Stephen Caple Jr.’s] best friends was a fan of [my] music. And his best friend — as they were getting ready to start shooting the movie — passed [on the role], and he had Paramount Studios reach out to me to try to play the best friend’s role in Transformers. They kind of emulated who his best friend is in real life,” he said.

Listen to the full track above.

Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts is set to hit theaters on June 9.

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Uproxx Tobe Nwigwe And Nas’ ‘On My Soul’ Track Off Of The Upcoming ‘Transformers’ Film’s Soundtrack Is Equally As Cinematic Top HipHop