Today in Hip-Hop History: A Tribe Called Quest Dropped Their Sophomore LP ‘Low End Theory’ 31 Years Ago

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On this day in the year 1991 Queens DJs Q-Tip as well as later Phife Dawg, as well as the DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad, formally known as A Tribe Called Quest, released their second studio album of full length the album Low End Theory.

The sophomore jinx was not appear in this album from Tribe and Tribe, with Tip and Phife’s quality of rhyme higher than anything else we’ve previously heard from them. With Abstract taking over the majority of production along with co-production support by the duo of Mr. Muhammad and Skeff Amslem The final product is a masterpiece of creativity. It is also important to mention that real-life problems were affecting the Tribe. Phife revealed that he was suffering from diabetes and then fired his manager World Famous DJ Red Alert as the group’s manager , proved they were ready. Tribe was prepared for the next phase of their careers.

For the album’s best tracks, Low End Theory is among the genre’s more conceptual albums that can’t be appreciated without listening to it in full. The album’s first track is “Excursions,” which would lead an average Tribe fan to be anticipating the sound of People’s Instinctive Journey Part 2 until you hear the bassline start to play to “Buggin’ Out,” which is perhaps the greatest performance of lyrical content by Phife on all ATCQ’s albums. While tracks like “Rap Promoter” and “Show Business” discuss the uncertainty that surrounds The Hip-Hop business, songs such as “The Infamous Date Rape” and “Everything Is Fair” talk about the social issues that plague urban communities.


The ultimate tribute to the Tribe Rest in peace for Phife as well as members of the Jive Records squad for helping to give the people an important part of Hip-Hop history, just 31 years ago.

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