Today In Hip Hop History: AZ Dropped His Debut LP ‘Doe Or Die’ 27 Years Ago

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In the year 1995 Antonio Cruz aka AZ from Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch” fame, dropped the album he was releasing as his first Doe Or Die via EMI Records.

It was recorded by the legendary producer Pete Rock, DITC’s Buckwild, LES, D.R. Period, and AZ himself. AZ could secure the deal for the album solely based on the famous verse he sings during the track 3 of the cult album Illmatic. album.

Tracks gets sucked in as Pete Rock propelled “Rather Unique” and the ethereal “Sugar Hill”, which included the then undiscovered the songbird Miss Jones and the street driven “Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homocide” provided this album a spoken version that was seldom heard, particularly from an emcee only famous to the public at that time only for his guest appearance.


A special thanks to AZ for putting it down for a one quarter century. He even being able to organize an anniversary celebration of 15 years of the album in 2010. through the label he owns, Quiet Money imprint, featuring music from artists like Statik Selektah, and Fame of M.O.P.

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The Source Today In Hip Hop History: AZ Dropped His Debut LP ‘Doe Or Die’ 27 Years Ago Top HipHop

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