Today In Hip Hop History: Biz Markie’s ‘The Biz Never Sleeps’ LP Released 32 Years Ago

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The “Diabolical” Biz dropped his second album full length exactly 32 years ago, today.

A 25-year-old Marcel Hall aka Biz Markie known as the Diabolical Biz released his second album entitled The Biz Never Sleeps thirty-two years ago, on the date.

Following the huge popularity of the debut album Goin’ Off one year earlier, Biz dropped his second album under the Warner Bros/Cold Chillin. imprint. The album was highly anticipated due to the hit single “Just A Friend” leading the to the. The album also featured singles, like “Spring Again”, “Dedication” as well as “Things Get A Little Easier” which were certain top picks of the most gruesome hip-hop critics.


In contrast to the majority of Biz’s work the album was created with the help of DJ Marley Marl, with Cool V and Biz himself performing the biggest portion in the behind-the scenes. It was also the album which put the L.I. beatbox/ DJ/ emcee in boiling water because of problems with sampling, which were amplified by Hip Hop almost single-handedly due to this gold-certified classic. With music snippets from all over the world all the way from Kraftwerk and Curtis Mayfield, this kaleidoscopic Hip Hop journey will forever be recorded in the history of music.

Saute Biz Mark DJ Cutmaster Cool V, Paul C, Fly Ty and many others for the opportunity to play this gem of a song!

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