Tone Loc Reminisces On The Late Coolio: ‘He Is Heavily Missed’

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Tone Loc, and Coolio were close friends in Hip-Hop and kept in touch for a long time. In recent times, Tone Loc and Coolio were tour companions for over an entire decade in the I Love the 90s Tour.

In an interview that was recently released by the TMZ, Tone Loc got emotional after being approached at the airport LAX and was asked about the passing of Coolio who passed away on the 28th of September at the age 59.

Tone Loc, who was born Anthony Terrell Smith, told the media outlet about how Young M.C. and the later Shock G, who passed away in April 2021of an accidental overdose of a drug attended the funeral of his brother in the year 16.

“I would say myself, Young MC and Rob Base, probably performed the most with Coolio, realistically,” the rapper said to TMZ. “The performance we were returning from the night before at Orlando, Florida he should have been there. It was me, Sugar Hill Gang, Young MC and Rob Base. And Coolio was supposed to be up during the .”

Tone Loc Tone Loc, the veteran MC from “Wild Thing” fame, was able to tell the story of the way Coolio performed at his brother’s funeral, 16 years ago, for no cost. “I will never forget this. He did that simply because he loved the brother of mine.”

Although the official reason for death has yet been determined, it’s been suggested in a variety of articles that asthma and heart arrest could be the cause of the untimely death of Coolio.

According to reports previously published via HipHopDX, Coolio was in talks to join forces the production business Fan Rebellion, according to the CEO of the company, Jimmy Maynes, to finalize plans to set up the series of shows to be in Boombox, the Hip-Hop residence series Boombox!

Coolio’s Ashes To Be Stored In Necklaces Owned By His Seven Children

Coolio was scheduled for a 10-show run at the arena, which was scheduled to run through the end of October until the beginning of the second weekend of November.

Like the majority of artists who have passed away, Coolio’s tracks received an huge increase in streaming after his passing. The rise of 264 percent in streams has helped bring his hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” back onto the charts. Check out the video below.

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HipHopDX News Tone Loc Reminisces On The Late Coolio: 'He Is Heavily Missed' Top HipHop

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