Too $hort Explains Why He ‘Made A Conscious Effort’ To Keep 2Pac Away From His Friends

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Too short is an Bay Area legend who has numerous stories to tell and recently shared some in his private 2Pac stories in a brand new interview with.

Two rap iconswho were both from The Bay at one time were part of the same circles, even though The Short Dawg was 5 times older than him. However, Short was hesitant of introducing 2Pac to his friends because they would induce Pac to engage in criminal street activities.

“I’ve been platinum before most n-ggas,” the rapper stated on The 85 South Show. “Shock G used to be the head for Digital Underground, but 2Pac was the smallest member of the group. However, when 2Pac began to mature and when I saw his face and thought I was a fan of the”n-gga. However, my name is an East Oakland n-gga, right? And I’ve seen him. He used to keep his little things and was not an obnoxious punk. He was prepared for anything. He was a true one.

“But I was thinking”I’m not able to carry this n-gga around my friends because it’s like the combination of fire and oil.”When 2Pac reached L.A., he went 10,000 miles per hour. I realized that! I thought to myself”I’m not able to take this n-gga with me to my family,’ and I made a conscious attempt to never bring 2Pac to anyone else. made his way to Richie Rich; he gave “Pac an opportunity to visit the city.”

He said: “I said I wouldn’t take it on because I don’t like the guilt. I’m not able bring with n-ggas because the type of n-ggas that I was running at the time, they might have been saying”Oh, you want to become G? Let’s become the G.'”

Too to short and 2Pac recorded a song together “We Do This” featuring MC Breed and Father Dom from the album of Short in 1995 Drinks. Almost a year later, 2Pac died following a drive-by shooting.

Following after the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight at the MMG Grand in Las Vegas on September 7 in the 7th of September, 1996 2Pac as well as ex- Death Row CEO Suge Knight were attacked in the vicinity with Flamingo along with Koval. He passed away just six days later within the University of Nevada Medical Center.

Suge Knight Wasn’t The Rap ‘Boogeyman’ According To Death Row Records’ John Payne

Too $hort was a 2Pac fan the night that changed his life that he recounted in the 2021 episode of his show on YouTube, $hort Stories.

“I was able to see 2Pac in the evening he was shot in Vegas He said. “It was likely about an hour, possibly, before the event took place. I went to the fight and the fight was among the iconic Mike Tyson fights. Tyson knocked Tyson out in about 90 seconds. The hotel I was in was the Luxor and we were leaving the hotel. Upon leaving, 2Pac, Suge and small group of friends were departing.

“We met for a few minutes before he told me”We’re about to change the tunes and go to Club 662. It’s going be an open mic, and everyone’s going to take to the microphone. I told him”That’s cool. We’ll be there. It was never done. the announcement.”

In the meantime, the murder of 2Pac remains unsolved, however, two podcasts are trying to do what they can with offering a cash reward for anyone with information that can lead to the capture of the unidentified Las Vegas shooter.

The Problem Solver Show and the Action Junkeez Podcast have teamed together to provide $100,000 to anyone who assists in solving the case. The goal is to make the notorious rapper’s killer found guilty and then sent to prison.

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