The past few weeks have been tumultuous for “Cut” singer Tori Kelly. On July 23, Kelly reportedly fainted during a meal with friends and family and was immediately taken to the hospital. Shortly after, her husband, André Murillo, updated fans on her condition via Instagram.

In a recent interview with ET released on September 12, Kelly opened up about her health scare, which was caused by blood clots. “That just made me even more grateful and not want to take a single moment for granted. Looking out in the audience and seeing all my amazing fans again has been keeping my spirits high,” Kelly said, referring to her ongoing The Take Control Tour.

Kelly recounted the moments leading up to her hospitalization to host Rachel Smith. “It happened out of nowhere. I was feeling just a little tired throughout the day, and my heart rate was kind of high. I was at dinner with my husband and so thankful he was there because I ended up collapsing and was rushed to the hospital, and they found blood clots.”

Despite the frightening experience, Kelly has managed to maintain a positive perspective. “On one end, it was scary, and then on another end, I did feel this sense of unexplainable peace that it was gonna be OK. I just felt like God had me, and it was gonna be OK, but yeah, definitely in the midst of that, it was just kind of a confusing whirlwind.”

Tori’s latest album is now available through Epic Records. More information can be found here.