Tory Lanez Sued By Pregnant Woman Over Alleged Hit & Run

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Miami, FL – Tory Lanez is being brought before a woman and her friend due to an alleged hit and run in Miami that occurred in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2021.

As per The TMZ, Krisha and Jesse Grullon have filed a lawsuit against the Canadian star, alleging that the star smashed their car with their green Bentley SUV in January.

The Grullons claimed that Tory struck them while they were waiting in a traffic light just away from a road ramp. The couple claimed that Tory the “Say It” hitmaker didn’t take the time to look them over or even stop to ask questions as he went about his night as if that it didn’t happen.

Krisha stated that she was pregnant for four months at the time. They are hoping to see Lanez take deposition in 2023.

The lawyer for Tory, Andell Brown, brushed aside the incident and has responded to the report by TMZ‘s report with the conviction that the allegations have no basis and are “baseless” and will be “laughed out of court.”

Brown believes the whole incident has been concocted and unfairly targeted at his client as they didn’t submit their insurance claim till the month of July of 2021. Brown claimed that the Grullons also claimed to have been struck by a silver vehicle in a police investigation, but later changed their minds when they learned about Tory’s luxurious SUV.

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He added that insurance companies analyzed the incident but did not find any basis for the claims made following discussions with lawyers.

Tory Lanez is also awaiting the opening of the trial for him for his Megan Thee Stallion shooting case which is set to start in November.

The “Talk To Me” singer has returned with a brand new 20-track album, which will be released in the month of September. It’s called “Sorry for What, which boasts the presence of The Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

“It’s an authentic collection of work. I’m not a fan of giving you lengthy albums. I’m not a lengthy album person. I was at one time, but I put it off but at this point, I truly want you to be happy,” he said in an Instagram post.

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