Tory Lanez’s August 7 sentencing hearing is rapidly approaching, and after doing everything in their power to delay the inevitable, his lawyers are now asking for leniency from the court, according to Meghann Cuniff via Rolling Stone. While prosecutors have recommended 13 years in prison for the Canadian entertainer, his defense team filed a 41-page memo requesting he instead be sentenced to probation and sent to rehab, citing an alcohol addiction and childhood trauma.

Don’t be alarmed. That noise you just heard was me rolling my eyes so hard that they actually made a sound audible through your device’s screen. Strap in, it’s going to get louder.

The memo is quoted saying that the evidence against Tory is “questionable at best and by no means overwhelming” (roll), writing, “Assuming the allegations are true, Mr. Peterson’s psychological, physical, and childhood trauma was a factor in the commission of the offense” (roll). “Likewise, the current offense is connected to Mr. Peterson’s childhood trauma and mental illness, alcohol-use disorder,” it continues. “compromised his ability to manage and regulate his emotions and behaviors and that his alcohol use disorder played a significant role in the alleged offenses” (mega roll).

Tory Lanez, lest we all forget, was found guilty of committing assault with a firearm causing great bodily injury; concealing a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle; and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. He was accused of shooting fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion in the back of her feet in July 2020 and although he maintained his innocence, he was also never able to explain the shooting, insinuating her friend Kelsey was the one who pulled the trigger.

However, it was his own defense’s witness who identified him as the shooter during the trial, which also considered gunshot residue on Tory, text messages, and calls from jail that pretty thoroughly suggested he tried to not only apologize for the shooting, but also bribe the women to keep quiet. He also apparently led a harassment campaign against Meg, trying to paint her as a liar, leading to her admitting to suicidal thoughts.