Nike bringing back one of its classic sneakers, the Nike Mac Attack — the signature model worn by tennis legend John McEnroe — and has tapped one of its key collaborators to make the re-release even more special. The 1984 sneaker is being redesigned for Travis Scott with his trademark reversed Swoosh.

Travis was seen performing in his updated Mac Attacks in May, and today, the NikeSportswear Instagram account began the official rollout with a genuinely stylish print ad layout featuring the rapper and the tennis star side-by-side in tailored suits and Travis on the court taking a two-handed forehand in a white Nike windbreaker and shorts combo (I, for one, would love to find out the results of that).

A detail of the ad Travis Scott fans might appreciate is his briefcase, which bears the scrawl “Utopia” — the name of Travis’ long-awaited comeback album, which he’s been teasing for the better part of the past two years. While anticipation for the album is sky-high among Scott’s diehards, it was set back by the tragedy at his Astroworld Festival in 2021, which generated nearly 5,000 injury claims in addition to ten deathsand prompted the rapper to spend much of last year lying low.

Travis was said to have recently played the album for his hometown Houston Astros, implying that it could be nearing release. With Nike helping to raise his profile to pre-Astroworld levels, it could mean that Utopia‘s release is imminent. Meanwhile, the Mac Attacks have an official release date of June 23 — although the remixed Travis Scott signature version has not been announced.