Despite the fact that rapper Travis Scott will not face criminal charges related to the 2021 Astroworld Tragedy, his legal troubles are far from over. According to Billboard, Scott recently returned to Houston, Texas, for questioning as part of ongoing civil depositions.

The deposition reportedly lasted nearly eight hours. Scott’s spokesperson, Ted Anastasiou, commented on the situation, stating that the deposition is a typical legal procedure. He criticized the media for continuing to focus on Scott despite him being cleared of any wrongdoing by extensive government investigations, including one by the Houston Police Department. Anastasiou also confirmed that Scott is fully cooperating with the legal process and remains committed to his tour and charitable efforts.

The Astroworld incident, which allegedly resulted in thousands of injuries and nearly a dozen deaths, prompted a congressional investigation to ensure public safety at future large-scale music events. Several families have quietly reached a settlement with Scott and event promoter Live Nation. However, Billboard reported that there could still be around 1,500 active cases.

The first trial related to these lawsuits is set for May 6, 2024.