Travis Scott won’t face criminal charges as a result of the 2021 Astroworld tragedy after a Texas grand jury declined to indict him for the events that led to 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries, according to the Associated Press. AP cites Travis’ lawyer Kent Schaffer, who said that he wasn’t sure what criminal charges were being considered, but was adamant that Travis did nothing that could have prompted the crowd surge that led to the slew of injuries.

While calling the decision a “great relief,” Schaffer said, “He never encouraged people to do anything that resulted in other people being hurt… Travis is not responsible. Bringing criminal charges against him will not ease their” — meaning the victims and their families, many of whom believe the rapper should be held liable, as his name was on the festival flyer and the injuries occurred during his headlining set. Travis and promoter Live Nation are being sued in hundreds of cases that were ultimately combined to be tried as one case.

An official investigation by police and federal officials was held to determine if Live Nation and Travis had been criminally negligent in the safety measures in place at the festival. For his part, Travis maintains that he did not have any idea anything was wrong — which is why he continued performing for nearly 30 minutes. Victims’ families have cited him encouraging dangerous behavior at past shows as a sign that he should be held responsible anyway.