The status of Travis Scott’s planned Utopia concert at Egypt’s Pyramids Of Giza was in doubt for some time before it was officially canceled last week. He later insisted the show would still happen one way or another, but whether or not that’s still true, Scott has moved on, at least for the moment, to Rome.

He shared an announcement on Twitter today (August 1), revealing he has an event happening in the Italian city on August 7, so next Monday.

Currently, the website linked to in the tweet simply features small text reading, “NOT FOUND.” He offered a bit more detail in his Instagram post about the event, though, writing, “FIRST STOP. UTOPIA LIVE AT CIRCUS MAXIMUS. WE OUT !!!!!TIX ON SALE AUGUST 3 10AM CET TRAVISSCOTT.COM/LIVE.” So, it’s not a screening of his Circus Maximus movie, but rather, a concert at the actual Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium that has been used for concerts in modern times, like when Genesis performed there in 2007.

An Egypt show could still happen in the near future, though. In his aforementioned post-cancellation update, Scott wrote, “Egypt at the pyramids will happen But due to demand and detail logistics They just need a bit a time to set lay on lands. I will keep u posted on a date which will be soon love you alllll.”