At long last, Travis Scott’s highly anticipated album Utopia is out. Since its midnight release, fans have been listening and evaluating, and a common conclusion many have come to is that Utopia is super reminiscent of Kanye West’s beloved 2013 album Yeezus. In fact, the Kanye album was actually a trending topic on Twitter this morning (July 28) due to the volume of Utopia comparisons.

One popular tweet reads, “Kanye dropped Yeezus in 2013 and we all praised for sounding futuristic… 10 years later, we’re seeing it’s influence loud and clear [goat emojis].” Another says, “The Yeezus influence on Utopia is insane,” and another user noted, “this lowkey like trav’s Yeezus.” Somebody else tweeted, “This post is starting to make sense ‘Yetopia’ Utopia is literally a sister album to YEEZUS the Kanye influence is ridiculous you would think Kanye produced the whole album Travis is really a Kanye Protégés.”

There are those who see Utopia as essentially Yeezus taken in a different direction. One Twitter user wrote, “Travis Scott took Yeezus and said ‘what if this was maximalist?’” Another said, “Utopia is Travis Scott doing experimental/vibes in the same sonic space as Yeezus.”

As some have noted, West did have some involvement with this album: He’s a producer and writer on “Thank God” and also co-wrote “God’s Country,” for example.

Check out some more reactions below.

Utopia is out now via Epic Records. Find more information here.