Following years of building up anticipation, Travis Scott’s forthcoming album, Utopia, finally received an official release date. Thanks to a few high-flying advertisements displayed throughout Los Angeles, California, we now know to expect either the project or a single from the project to hit streaming platforms on July 21. Incidentally, that’s the day before his Rolling Loud Miami performance.

Both billboards point out the same string of numbers. The first display, which features stone figures, takes the shape of an analog clock point at the seven o’clock hour and just after the 20-minute mark, with the line, “Is it in the Chateau?”

The second graphic is much more straightforward, as a lock shows the numeric sequence, each number is locked in, but the space indicating the month is stuck between 7 and 8. So, fans believe it’s the rapper’s way of saying something big will happen in July and August. To theorize briefly, the album could drop in July, with a tour announcement dropping the following month — or a single release in July with the entire project to follow.

During an interview with PinUp Magazine, the entertainer spoke about the meaning behind the project’s title. “Utopia is something that people feel is so far-fetched and out of reach, some perfect state of mind. But you create it yourself. There are people who achieve utopia every day. They may not be the richest people with the dopest cribs, but it’s a utopia wherever they are, and that’s the most you can have,” said Scott.

He added, “With every album, I live in these worlds in my mind — I’m trying to show people experiences where utopian things can exist, and you can enjoy yourself and have a good time. They can create energy that spews out magical things — new cures, new buildings, new avenues for people to move forward. People need to see that utopia is real.”