Trick Daddy Says He Paid ‘Pennies’ For The Ozzy Osbourne Sample On ‘Let’s Go’

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A single among Trick Daddy‘s greatest hit songs came to him for an affordable cost. The rapper was a guest at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and spoke to HipHopDx about the way his 2004 smash “Let’s Go” came to be. The track, which features Twista along with Lil Jon, contains a significant version from “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne as well as in the words of The Trick, Osbourne was excited about the possibility that he would incorporate a portion of the track in “Let’s Go.”

“When I found out that the person who originally owned the track was enthralled by the idea that I had the desire to redo the beat, and it didn’t require that much effort? I was ready to go about this,” said Trick.

As part of the arrangement, Osbourne earns a cut of the royalties earned by the song. As of writing the song, it was ranked at the number. 7 . Billboard Hot 100 charts and has more than nine million viewers on YouTube. While the track was a huge success, Trick admitted that he did not spend a dime to pay for his debts for the Osbourne sample.

“Of course, I gave him his share,” Trick continued. “But as far as upfront money, it was pennies.”

Although Osbourne had granted “Let’s Go” his blessing but he didn’t hear the track until 2021, almost 17 years after it’s debut.

In a video shared on Lil Jon’s twitter page, Osbourne is seen reacting to the track after hearing it for the first time , when the producer Andrew Watt plays it for his.

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Uproxx Trick Daddy Says He Paid ‘Pennies’ For The Ozzy Osbourne Sample On ‘Let’s Go’ Top HipHop

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