After touching on hip-hop’s roots in the first Hip-Hop 50 tribute of the night and taking a trip out west in the second, the third Hip-Hop 50 tribute of the 2023 BET Awards focused on the contributions of the South — namely, south Florida. Naturally, there were some pretty obvious names that needed to show up, and show up they did. Trick Daddy and Trina performed their breakout hit “Nann N****,” while Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew popped out for a raucous rendition of the group’s unapologetic hit “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown).”

More Southern artists appeared in a separate clip, as Atlanta crunk pioneers Yin Yang Twins rocked right after Chicago drill genre-breaker Chief Keef. Trillville wasn’t part of the tribute but appeared during Doechii’s performance of “Block Boy,” nodding to her interpolation of the group’s 2004 hit “Some Cut” with Lil Scrappy. Jeezy, T.I., and Master P also represented for Atlanta and New Orleans, respectively when they performed at another Hip-Hop 50 tribute later in the ceremony. Honestly, it was pretty packed — which is impressive, considering all this had to be coordinated without the help of a host to keep things in line.

You can watch some of the performances from the 2023 BET Awards above.