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Trina has proven once again who is the baddest. On All Elite Wrestling’s Grand Slam Rampage special, the Miami rapper picked up wrestler Diamante by her hair and slapped her.

The AEW Grand Slam Rampage program on Friday night (Sept. 23) featured the undefeated Jade Cargill defending her TBS Championship title against Diamante, who was accompanied by Trina during the match. After Cargill delivered her signature wrestling move called Jaded on Diamante and pinned her for the win, Trina stepped in the ring afterward and betrayed her former ally.

The “Pull Over” rapper picked up the beaten Diamante by her hair and slapped her, much to the shock and awe of the wrestling analysts. “Baddies stick together, don’t they? Who can you trust anymore?” said one of the analysts. Trina then shook Cargill’s hand and possibly aligned herself with the Baddies.

This comes after Trina initially called out Cargill and said she would back up Diamante in her title fight. That didn’t sit well with Cargill. “OK, I see you Trina,” she said. “And I’ma see both of y’all…on Rampage.”

“You see me now,” Trina shot back. “Yeah, we’ll see you Friday.”

Trina is among a slew of rappers who have made appearances on AEW’s wrestling events. In July, Kevin Gates punched wrestler Tony Nese and Action Bronson is a wrestler for AEW. Other rappers who have entered the AEW ring include Machine Gun Kelly, Wale and Snoop Dogg.

Watch the Entire TBS Championship Title Match Between Jade Cargill and Diamante Below

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XXL Trina Picks Up Diamante By Her Hair and Slaps Her - Watch Top HipHop

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