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Tyler Perry responds to rumors of a ‘Diary Of A Mad Black Woman From Wakanda’ movie. A social media user shared a fake cover to the rumored movie, with Madea on the cover.

Perry shared the graphic on his Instagram story and captioned it, “who is responsible for this madness?? When I tell you I hurt myself laughing. Don’t worry THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!”

Now although fans won’t see Queen Madea in the next Wakanda movie, the franchise is still pulling at the heartstrings of people all over the world. According to Forbes, after two weekends in theatre Wakanda Forever has earned nearly $288 million at the domestic box office and over $546 million worldwide.

Angela Bassett who plays the character of Ramonda in the movie says of the movie, “I don’t know, as an actor, what comic-book acting might look like. We’re not sat down at the beginning and told it’s got to be arch or whatever. We come with a great deal of naturalism and grounding, emotion and passion. We treat it like life, like it’s happening.”

She added, “You get the larger-than-life — all that suspension of disbelief. But when it comes to the human element and the heart of the matter, you’re going to get a true read on that as well.”

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