Tyler The Creator Immortalizes ASAP Rocky’s Mosh Pit Mishap On A Birthday Cake

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Tyler The Creator may have chilled out a bunch from his early days terrorizing the music world and raising hell for the fun of it, but he’s still quite the mischievous scamp when he wants to be. Lately, the main target of his pranks appears to be ASAP Rocky, whose recent struggles to exit a mosh pit during his abridged Rolling Loud headlining set have given Tyer plenty of fodder for his antics. After trolling Rocky by turning his profile pic into a screenshot of Rocky’s distressed face from the video, Tyler upped the ante, getting the photo printed on a birthday cake for Odd Future member Jasper Dolphin (Rocky’s birthday is next week, so don’t be surprised to see a repeat).

ASAP Rocky and Tyler The Creator’s friendship appears to be both endearing and excruciating as the two have pestered each other and collaborated repeatedly throughout the years. There was a bit of a troll war on Instagram Live a couple of years ago and before that, Tyler shared his joy at Rocky’s release from Swedish jail by chasing the Harlem rapper around the studio. But for all that, they’ve got a lot of loyalty too; while Rocky was locked up, Tyler vowed to never tour Sweden again.

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