Tyler The Creator appeared on the Rap Radar Podcast last Friday, June 9. He said several things that the aggregation machine swept up, such as his proclamation that “I f*cking hate Rap Twitter,” but he has a soft spot for his 2011 major-label debut album, Goblin.

“Bro, Goblin is f*cking terrible, but I still love it,” Tyler said at the 1:24:46 mark. “It’s an energy and an aura that it has — hearing my wonky synths and gross drums and me not realizing I’m yelling on every song and saying the most wild sh*t is what got people there. It’s not about the music. If you were there, that energy and that aura and that air just cutting through what everyone else was doing is so important.”

He continued, “And there’s still some ones on there. I still think ‘Yonkers’ is awesome. ‘She’ is awesome. The first two versions of ‘Nightmare’ is ill. ‘Tron Cat’ is still awesome. ‘Analog’ is still cool. Like, there’s still a few things on there, but people don’t know, like, a lot of songs on that album were just random songs I recorded after ‘Goblin’ that we kind of just [viewed as], ‘Yeah, here, I got these songs.’”

Tyler said nearly the exact same thing during an interview for WSJ Magazine in late 2019 — noting then that Goblin was “trash, but I don’t regret making it.”

“It’ll make the overall story sicker when I’m 43, and I own a billion-dollar company, and it’s, like, ‘Look what I was doing when I was 19. Who would have thought those skate rats who like the color pink would be doing this?’” Tyler told the publication at the time.

Watch the full Rap Radar episode with Tyler here.

Source: uproxx.com