Tyler The Creator Trolls ASAP Rocky For His Mosh Pit Mishap At Rolling Loud New York

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Father time comes for us all — even rappers who once defined a rebellious youth culture for a generation of hip-hop fans. ASAP Rocky, who was one of the pioneers who brought the mosh pit to rap shows in the early 2010s, is now 33 years old and far less spry than he was in his early career. He’s also a father now, which means being a bit more responsible than the 20-something kids who come to his festival sets to recklessly smash into each other in a show of youthful exuberance.

Unfortunately, Rocky seems to have missed the memo, causing him to go viral over the weekend when he decided to stage dive during his headlining set at Rolling Loud New York. That part seems to have gone well enough, but getting out of the crowd turned out to be a lot more difficult than he apparently anticipated. His struggle to get back onto the stage was caught on camera and now, fans on Twitter are having a field day with that image.

“lmaooooo ASAP Rocky was fighting for his life in that mosh pit last night,” wrote one fan. “bro yelled ‘LET ME OUT.’”

Even Rocky’s peers got in on the act. Tyler The Creator, whose friendship with Rocky goes back to their early careers and who has had a longstanding tradition of trolling his “Potato Salad” collaborator, even used a screenshot of Rocky’s struggle face as his new profile picture on Instagram.

tyler the creator - asap rocky

Unfortunately for Rocky (and his fans), his set was cut short at just nine songs due to a New York noise curfew (closing festivals on Sunday night is one of the worst time slots according to Questlove) and he started nearly 50 minutes late. It isn’t the first time it’s happened, either; maybe it’s time for the new dad to work on his time management in addition to staying on the stage for the foreseeable future.

Check out more responses to ASAP Rocky’s mosh pit mishap below.

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