In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Samuel L. Jackson discussed not only his new Marvel show that begins streaming today (it’s called Secret Invasion and it’s on Disney Plus) but also, fittingly enough for the publication, his taste in music. And while some of his responses are no surprise, others are, and some are just downright illuminating.

In addition to admitting that he likes the music of the late Juice WRLD, he also draws an interesting parallel between Stevie Wonder, Usher, and Beyoncé. Check out his full response below:

There’s some music of my youth that I still listen to. I like rock music — I was sort of a hippie during the Sixties — and in the Seventies, when I was in Atlanta, there was this Black rock band called Mother’s Finest. They played at Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom. I listen to a lot of modern hip-hop also. Sometimes I’ll turn on some spatial DJ on Apple Music to hear whatever’s out there now. I’m pretty open to everything except country. [Laughs] The personal hip-hop music is very interesting to me. Back when Juice WRLD was alive, I listened to that. The kid was having some issues, but the music was still good. I remember asking my daughter and her friends who their Stevie Wonder was, and they said, “Usher.” They didn’t say Beyoncé. They said, Usher.