Usher warned fellas not to leave their girls around him in 2002 via his song “U Don’t Have To Call.” YG had no clue that would remain true over 20 years later, when his rumored boo, Saweetie, crossed paths with the singer. The “My Type” rapper traveled to Las Vegas for Usher’s critically acclaimed My Way residency. Little did she know she’ll end up on stage with the musician.

During the fan interaction segment of his show, Usher serenaded Saweetie to his song “There Goes My Baby.” However, she kept her cool to avoid the same public spat with her alleged boyfriend, which Keke Palmer dealt with earlier this week. In the clip captured by a fan, when encouraged to participate, Saweetie played coy, to which Usher remarked, “Oh Saweetie, you’re too cool to sing my song?”

While it’s not clear if this was just a case of stage fright, fans are speculating that Saweetie chose not to join with Usher because she didn’t want to receive any public blowback. Keke Palmer was berated by her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, who is the father to her son Leo, after she was seen dancing and singing along with Usher in a performance prior.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.