Kanye West is allegedly being investigated by the police following a recent incident in Venice. The renowned music producer was seen on a boat ride with his rear end exposed, alongside his purported wife, Bianca Censori. As reported by the Daily Mail, the Venice police have stated that West and Censori may have violated “public decorum standards”. The police intend to interrogate the boat’s driver and have requested photographers who captured images of West’s exposed backside to submit them.

Elisabetta Pesce, a public security councilor, expressed to the Mail that the couple’s behavior was disrespectful towards Venice, which she described as “the most enchanting city in the world”. A police spokesperson echoed these sentiments, adding that the couple was clearly in an intimate state. If the local prosecutor decides to press charges, the couple will be notified, likely through their respective embassies. The investigation is focusing on acts contrary to public decency, which could result in an administrative sanction.

West’s behavior has prompted his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to express her concern. Furthermore, the water taxi service that West and Censori used has permanently banned them.

Source: uproxx.com