Victoria Monét’s album, Jaguar II, was hailed as a “dazzling triumph” by Uproxx’s Wongo Okon, an opinion that was widely shared. Fans were disappointed when Monét was not among the performers at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards held on September 12, prompting a response from Monét herself.

She expressed her gratitude to fans advocating for her to perform at the event on X (formerly Twitter). She revealed that her team was told it was ‘too early in her story’ for such an opportunity, but assured fans they would continue working towards it.

Monét also expressed her gratitude for her fans, her upcoming tour, and the chance to watch some of her favorite artists perform and receive recognition at the event. She viewed the situation as part of her journey and believed everything would happen in due time.

Monét’s The Jaguar Tour is currently ongoing, providing fans with the opportunity to see her perform live. Her next scheduled performance is at the Joy Theater New Orleans in Louisiana on Thursday, September 21.

Fans can find all of her remaining tour dates on her official website and check out the setlist from her September 18 show in Charlotte, North Carolina, which was shared by fans on The setlist includes songs such as “Intro”, “Moment”, “Big Boss/Ass Like That”, “Some Cut”, “Dive”, “How Does It Make You Feel”, “Stop In The Name Of Love”, “Smoke/Smoke (Reprise)”, “Anytime/Touch Me”, “F.*.C.K.”, “New Love/Freak/Monopoly”, “Coastin'”, “Spottie Ottie”, “Cadillac (A Pimp’s Anthem)”, “Alright”, “Party Girls”, “Experience”, and “Jaguar”.